A Cooperation between the companies Emil Otto GmbH, Feinhütte Halsbrücke GmbH und Eutect GmbH

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Feinhütte Halsbrücke GmbH
Krummenhennersdorfer Straße 2
DE-09633 Halsbrücke



Geschäftsführer: Lothar Patzig


DE 151838873

Eingetragen am Amtsgericht Chemnitz, HRB 6408

Inhaltlich verantwortlich gemäß §5 TMG: Lothar Patzig

  • The name “Emil Otto” has been synonymous with the highest quality since 1901.

    As an owner-operated company, Emil Otto has dedicated itself to the development and production of high-quality fluxes. In particular, the fluxes for electronics production, strip tinning, radiator manufacture and galvanizing are used by market leaders at home and abroad.

    Reliable products and a high level of customer focus have become our hallmark over the years. We manufacture to the latest standards, and our quality and environmental management systems have been certified for many years. We flexibly address individual customer requirements. We develop and implement specialty products and product adaptations with the collaboration of equipment manufacturers and institutes.

  • Über 400 Jahre Erfahrung in der Metallurgie

    Feinhütte Halsbrücke is one of the oldest smelters in Europe and Germany’s only tin and lead smelter. Extremely experienced in this complexity, Feinhütte Halsbrücke specializes in soft solders and alloys for industry and the trades, supplying virtually all alloys to standard or individual customer specifications. Feinhütte Halsbrücke also finds innovative solutions for new applications. The product range covers almost every common format – from ingots and blocks to bars, rods and billets, wire and tubular brazing alloys, classic anodes and practical bulk formats. In addition, Feinhütte Halsbrücke offers various services, such as solder bath analysis, solder bath management, laboratory diagnostics, and comprehensive full recycling of process residues.

  • Tradition and progress

    For more than 20 years, EUTECT has been developing, manufacturing, assembling and programming soldering and joining systems and putting them into operation at customers’ sites worldwide. The Swabian team of experts offers an extensive, constantly evolving module system for process solutions in the field of soldering.
    From process modules of the most diverse soldering technologies, the modules that are optimal for the task in terms of process technology and economy are selected and combined into proven stand-alone, rotary-cycle or inline production concepts for complete production solutions.
    The EUTECT module system shows that by using individual modules or free combinations, it is often possible to achieve a lean, individual solution from proven modules for the scope of a customer project.
    The technologically extensive and innovative EUTECT evaluation center is available to determine the optimal solution through evaluation and to provide production-ready manufacture of A-B-C samples.